OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer (Exam 1Z0-829) Programmer’s Guide

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A comprehensive guide to the Java programming language and the Java SE 11 and Java SE 17 Developer certification exams, this complete reference contains so much information, we had to split the print edition into two volumes for ease of use. This two-volume set features exhaustive coverage of all the Java language features and APIs covered by the exam objectives. Both volumes of this print edition are included in your purchase and are not sold separately.

OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer (Exam 1Z0-829) Programmer’s Guide is a unique guide that combines a rigorous introduction to programming in Java with meticulous coverage of the Java SE 17 and Java SE 11 Developer exam objectives. Fully updated to reflect changes in the latest exams, it features an increased focus on analyzing code scenarios–not just individual language constructs. Each objective is thoroughly addressed, reflecting the latest features and APIs, as well as best practices for taking the exam. The only book anyone needs to study for Java SE 17 Developer or Java SE 11 Developer certification. Book features include:

  • Easy to find coverage of key topics relevant to each exam objective
  • An introduction to essential concepts in object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional-style programming
  • In-depth coverage of declarations, access control, operators, flow control, OOP techniques, lambda expressions, streams, modules, concurrency, Java I/O, key API classes and much more
  • Program output demonstrating expected results from complete Java programs
  • Unique diagrams to illustrate important concepts, such as Java I/O, modules, and streams
  • Extensive use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) to illustrate program design
  • Dozens of review questions with annotated answers to help prepare for the exam and a complete mock exam

Contents, Volume I (print):
Figures xxiii
Tables xxvii
Examples xxxi
Foreword xxxix
Preface xli
Chapter 1: Basics of Java Programming 1
Chapter 2: Basic Elements, Primitive Data Types, and Operators 29
Chapter 3: Declarations 97
Chapter 4: Control Flow 151
Chapter 5: Object-Oriented Programming 189
Chapter 6: Access Control 323
Chapter 7: Exception Handling 363
Chapter 8: Selected API Classes 423
Chapter 9: Nested Type Declarations 489
Chapter 10: Object Lifetime 531
Chapter 11: Generics 563
Chapter 12: Collections, Part I: ArrayList 643
Chapter 13: Functional-Style Programming 673
Chapter 14: Object Comparison 741
Chapter 15: Collections: Part II 781

Contents, Volume II (print):
Chapter 16: Streams 879
Chapter 17: Date and Time 1023
Chapter 18: Localization 1095
Chapter 19: Java Module System 1161
Chapter 20: Java I/O: Part I 1231
Chapter 21: Java I/O: Part II 1285
Chapter 22: Concurrency: Part I 1365
Chapter 23: Concurrency: Part II 1419
Chapter 24: Database Connectivity 1511
Chapter 25: Annotations 1555
Chapter 26: Secure Coding 1599
Appendix A: Taking the Java SE 17 and Java SE 11 Developer Exams 1615
Appendix B: Exam Topics: Java SE 17 Developer 1623
Appendix C: Exam Topics: Java SE 11 Developer 1629
Appendix D: Annotated Answers to Review Questions 1635
Appendix E: Mock Exam: Java SE 17 Developer 1709
Appendix F: Annotated Answers to Mock Exam 1737
Appendix G: Java Logging API Overview 1747
Index 1753

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