At Printrado, we understand the importance of your privacy and are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of your personal data. If you wish to request the deletion of your personal data from our systems, please follow the instructions below. We are dedicated to handling your request promptly and efficiently.

How to Request Data Deletion

To initiate your data deletion request, you have the following options:

  1. Access the contact us page:
  2. Subject line: Use “Data Deletion Request” as the subject to ensure timely processing.
  3. Provide identification: Include sufficient information to identify you (e.g., account username, registration email, mobile number). Do not include sensitive personal information like passwords.
  4. Send the email: We will confirm receipt of your request and proceed with the verification and deletion process.

What Happens Next?

Upon receiving your data deletion request, we will:

  1. Verify your identity: To prevent unauthorized deletions, we will verify your identity using the information provided.
  2. Process your request: Once verified, we will delete your personal data from our active systems and databases within 30 days. Some residual data may remain in our backup systems until regularly scheduled deletions occur.

Data Retention

Please note that in some cases, we might be legally obligated to retain certain data for a specified period (e.g., for tax, legal reporting, or auditing purposes). In such cases, your data will not be deleted until these obligations are fulfilled.

More Information

For more detailed information on how we handle personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.